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BANSAGAR DAM - Madhya Pradesh

Bansagar Dam is a multi-purpose river valley project on Sone River situated in Ganga Basin in Madhya Pradesh, India envisaging both irrigation and hydroelectric power generation. The Bansagar Dam across Sone River is constructed at village Deolond in Shahdol district on Rewa - Shahdol road, at a distance of 51.4 km from Rewa. The project has been named as "Bansagar" after Bana Bhatt, the renowned Sanskrit scholar of 7th century, who is believed to havehailed from this region in India. Bansagar Dam is located at Latitude 24-11-30 N and Longitude 81-17-15 E. Prasad & Company has successfully executed the Construction of Bansagar Masonry Dam Spillway Blocks 11 to 15 across river Sone for Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Department. This is an inter state Major Irrigation and Power Project of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. The work involved 1.50 lakh cum. of excavation of both rock and soil, 1.32 lakh cums. of masonry and 0.65 lakh cums. of concrete. Bansagar Dam will provide irrigation facility over an area of 2,490 kms in Madhya Pradesh, 1,500 kms; in Uttar Pradesh and 940 kms in Bihar.


Nagarjunasagar Dam, the 125 mtrs high dam built across river Krishna in Andhra Pradesh is truly an engineering marvel. It is the world's largest masonry dam. Prasad has contributed significantly in the construction of this mighty structure. The work involved construction of spillway concreting involving intricate reinforcement placing. The company has also executed the earthen dam involving massive earthwork using modern equipment besides innumerous man hours deployed. In recognition of its outstanding performance, Prasad & Company was awarded a GOLD MEDAL by the Honourable Prime Minister of India in 1967 on the occasion of releasing water into the Jawahar Canal of the Nagarjunasagar Dam.

SRISAILAM DAM - Andhra Pradesh

Prasad & Co has made proud contributions to the construction of the Srisailam Dam in Andhra Pradesh. The Srisailam Project is located in Andhra Pradesh's Rayalaseema Region on the Krishna River. It has a live storage of 250 thousand million cubic feet (TMC). This reservoir was originally designed for hydropower generation only but was later converted to a multi-purpose facility for water supply and irrigation. The left bank hydro electric station generates 6 x 150 MW of power and right bank generates 7 x 110 MW of power.

Srisailam Dam is a dam constructed across the Krishna River at Srisailam in the Kurnool district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India and is one of the 12 largest hydroelectric projects In the Country.The dam was constructed in a deep gorge in the Nallamala hills, 300 m above the sea level. It is 512 m long and has 12 radial crest gates. It provides irrigation water for about 800 kms in Kurnool District and Cuddapah District which are in the Rayalaseema region prone to drought. The dam is surrounded by landscape of natural beauty.

KALYANI DAM - Andhra Pradesh

About 18 km from Tirupati, this beautiful dam regulates the outflow of Sizzling waters from mighty reservoir which takes care of the drinking water supply of the town Tirupati. The Kalyani Dam is of vital importance for supplying water to the holy town - Tirumala. Prasad & Company solely took up the construction of this project and completed the Dam in record time. The work involved excavation of foundation and construction of masonry and concreting of appurtenant works.


Construction of spillway blocks 23 to 26 of Hasdeo Bango Dam is one of the prestigious work, Prasad & Company has executed. This work involved 3.75 lakh cu.m. of excavation of both rock and soil, 1.97 lakh cu.m. of masonry and 0.50 lakh cu. m. of concrete. The Company has executed 28,145 cu.m. of rock excavation out of the above during the year 1984 - 85. Bango Dam is constructed on Bango River about 42 km up-stream of Hasdeo Bango River at Korba, in Chhattisgarh State. The dam is about 555 m long and has 11 gates, out of which 10 are operational. There is a 177 m long rock filled dam and a 1778 m long earthen dam to the left and right of Bango Dam. The dam with its big power house is a tourist attraction. It is, situated amid beautiful hill region and, is an ideal picnic spot to rest and relax. Bango Dam is about 100 km from Bilaspur.


The Construction of 28 m high, Earth Dam in Saddle I & II of Hasdeo Bango Dam was executed with judicious combination of manpower and machinery. The earthdam involved 2.8 million cums of earthwork of banking, 3.00 lakh cum. of sand filters and 1.50 lakh cum. of Rip-rap. The earthwork for main dam was executed in record time in three working seasons (i.e., 24 months) earning accolades to Prasad & Company.

BARGI DAM - Madhya Pradesh

The Spillway Bridge was constructed by Prasad & Company over the Bargi masonry dam near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh along with the balance of civil works for the Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Department. The bridge consists of 22 spans of 16.8 mtrs of RCC, two lane bridge of 7.2 mtrs width between parapets. Bargi Dam, 69 m high and 5.4 km long, is one of the first completed Dam out of the chain of 30 major dams to be constructed on Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh, India. The Narmada is the largest river in Madhya Pradesh, flowing towards the west and falling into the Arabian Sea. Its total length is 1312 km of which it covers 1072 km in Madhya Pradesh

The Central Water and Power Commission conceptualized the proposal of this dam construction in 1968 envisaging irrigation in 2,980 square kilometres and hydropower generation capacity of 105 MW. Later the Bargi diversion scheme was planned, increasing the total irrigation potential to 4,370 square kilometres. The dam construction work started in 1974 and was completed in 1990 when the dam was filled to its complete capacity. A lake of about 75 km in length and 4.5 km width, spreading over 267.97 kms in Jabalpur, Mandla and Seoni districts is formed when the water is impounded up to the dam FRL of 422.76 m.

TARALI MASONRY DAM - Karad, Maharashtra

Prasad & Company has executed the work of Construction of Masonry Dam across river Tarali (Monoliths 5 to 11) under Joint Venture with SEW Constructions for Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation, Pune with the contract period of 40 Months. This Gravity Dam in Cologrout and RR masonry is 60 M above foundation involving 760,000 Cu.m. of masonry. Company has completed over 95 % work and the completion of balance work is delayed for want for funds from the client.